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Garden at John Muir this summer!

John Muir is looking for volunteers to water and harvest the garden over the summer. Please select a day you can come to the school to water and pick food to take home. Sign up at http://bit.ly/2q2INYv to select dates and garden locations.

Wow! #GIVEBIG brought over $2,800 in donations  in one day!!

Wow! Over $2,800 in donations  in one day! Thank you for your generosity. Additional donations to push us past our $3000 goal can be made here on the PTA website (donate with paypal by clicking the button to the right).
Your donation helps ensure ALL our students and families are enriched by: Essential Classroom, Art, and Music supplies, Books, Family Education, Field trips, School Dances, Community Dinners, Playground Equipment, Teacher Appreciation, AfterSchool programs.

PTA elections are this month for next year’s officers!

Elections will be held at this month’s general PTA meeting, Wednesday, May 17 at 6:00 pm- everyone is welcome! Board and committee descriptions are on the Board Role Descriptions page. Please come out to support the PTA, get involved in new ways, and vote!


Thank you John Muir Community!

We are so grateful and humbled by the generosity of our John Muir Elementary friends and neighbors at the PTA’s “Love Your Community School” Fundraiser Dinner and Auction this past Friday. We enjoyed a fun and relaxed evening connecting with one another, hearing from our talented teachers and staff, and eating great food. And, we are thrilled to share that we EXCEEDED our fundraising goal, raising MORE THAN $21,000 to support programs that promote racial equity and high quality education for every student at John Muir Elementary.

WALK-A-THON Congratulations!

Walk-a-thon 2015Each year this fun-filled community-building event raises money for school supplies, reading and math support, and much more! Congratulations John Muir community! Through your enthusiasm and hard work our walk-a-thon raised over $14,200, exceeding our goal!

John Muir PTA purchased the school supplies for 2016-2017

Great news! John Muir PTA purchased students’ school supplies for this year! By purchasing in bulk, this year the John Muir PTA was able to purchase quality materials for the classroom AND keep the cost down of supplies. By helping to relieve the financial and time burden from families, the Muir PTA helps promote equity throughout the school. If you are able, please make a contribution to the PTA so we can continue to purchase supplies in the future. (The cost was $20 per student)

If you bought school supplies before you heard this news, we apologize. This was our first year trying to do this, and our budget process made the messaging to parents happen a little later than we would have liked. We hope to improve on this if we continue it next year. We are sure your teacher will still appreciate the extra supplies!

This year the PTA purchased school supplies for students.

This year the PTA purchased school supplies for students.

Check out this great Seattle Times story about our PTA and school:
Back-to-school supplies bought in bulk by Muir PTA


Help with the Muir Gardens

Barb Trosper has resurrected the garden beds from sad troughs of dandelions and clover to vessels yielding yummy vegetation to eat.  She could use some help over the summer so the plants will continue to grow and the students will have fun things to harvest in the fall.

If you are interested, please follow the link here.


Families and Education Levy Innovation Grant

John Muir Elementary is one of three schools to receive an Innovation Grant through the Families and Education Levy for the 2016-17 school year.  For more information about the grant, check out the press release here.

Questions? Please contact us at Info@TheMuirPTA.org, or leave a message at (206) 252-7369 (checked weekly).