Board Role Descriptions

Call for Nominations for the 2017-2018 School Year Are you interested in a leadership role? Do you know someone who is? Nominate yourself or a friend today! Email nominees to before April 20. Elections will take place at the May 19, 2017, general meeting. 

No PTA experience is required, nor do you need to know everything about John Muir. Most of us learned about the PTA and John Muir by attending a PTA meeting or helping at an event.

John Muir PTA Board Roles

President (Elected Officer)

  • Represent the Muir PTA to the press and at all events. Create and bring to life, through their leadership, the Muir PTA’s Mission Statement. Time commitment: 5-8 hours/month

Vice President (Elected Officer)

  • Support President and oversee committees. May be called upon at any time to temporarily assume the place of president. Time commitment: 5-8 hours/month

Secretary (Elected Officer)

  • Keep accurate records of the proceedings of all PTA meetings. Work with president and board to create meeting agendas. Time commitment: 5-8 hours/month.

Treasurer (Elected Officer)

  • Manage budget, provide financial report at monthly meetings, write checks, make deposits, understand the current state of fundraising activities.  Time commitment: 5-8 hours/month

Committees & Chairs

Welcome Committee, Chair 

  • Goal: Welcome families and foster an inclusive atmosphere within the school community. Create a mentor family program, assist with new family tours, publish school directory. Time commitment: 2-5 hours/month.

Fundraising Committee, Chair 

  • Goal: Organize the events and activities needed to reach our fundraising goal, including the Walkathon and the Auction. Time commitment 2-6 hours/month

Procurement and Business Development Committee, Chair 

  • Goal: Develop business relationships and procure items needed by PTA for events and meetings. Time commitment: 2-4 hours/month

Events Committee, Chair

  • Goal: Coordinate these school-wide events: Book Fair, Staff Appreciation Week, Holiday Potluck and School Dance. Time commitment: 2-4 hours/month

Communications Committee, Chair

  • Goal: Outreach to school families about PTA events, school events. Outreach to the community to raise awareness of our school. Create a monthly newsletter, oversee social media. Time commitment: 3-5 hours/month

Race and Social Justice Committee, Representative  

  • Goal:  To ensure close coordination between this independent committee and the PTA.. Time commitment: 2-4 hours/month

Teacher Representative  

  • Represent the interests of Muir staff at PTA meetings. Must be a staff member at Muir. Time commitment: 2-3 hours/month.

Coordinators (not required to attend monthly PTA meetings)

Translation Coordinator

  • Ensure interpreters attend PTA’s community meetings and that all PTA materials are translated for major languages.

School Supplies Coordinator

  • Purchase school supplies for all students, coordinate with staff for supply lists and delivery.

Student Support Coordinator

  • Work with school staff and Race & Social Justice Committee to provide support for students, including snacks for classrooms, books for K-2 students, shoes and clothes and food over the weekend.  Time commitment: 1-4 hours/month

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Recruit volunteers for PTA events, including: Staff Appreciation Week, Holiday Potluck, Book Fair, Walkathon, School Dance, Ice Cream Social, Auction, and Coffee Wednesdays. Time commitment: 2-4 hours/month.

Membership Coordinator

  • Track and increase PTA membership. Time commitment: 1-2 hours/month.

Legislative Coordinator

  • Provide public policy information regarding issues that affect our families and students.  Time commitment: 1-3 hours/month.

Playground Coordinator

  • Figure out how to spend remaining playground funds.  Time commitment: flexible.

One Time Opportunities 

We rely on individuals to organize the following events:

  • New Family Picnic
  • Coffee Wednesdays
  • Staff Appreciation lunches and coffee
  • Book Fair
  • T-shirt sales
  • ‘Clothes To You’ uniform swap
  • School Directory
  • Webmaster
  • PTA Bulletin boards in hall at school


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